U.N. Leads the March of Evil

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I have no idea how to illustrate this abomination.

How did the United Nations celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day?

Well, three UN agencies got together, with lots of helpful input from Planned Parenthood, to call for the “decriminalization” of all sexual activity, including pedophilia, as well as the repeal of all laws forbidding any kind of drug use (https://www.liveaction.org/news/un-report-calls-sexual-activity-decriminalized/).

Wow. What a windfall for sex traffickers, pedophiles, drug cartels, pimps–you’d think the UN was actively helping them to make war upon the human race. Looks like the globalists are all in for annihilating our civilization.

Am I just seein’ things, or is organized evil fully on the march? It’s getting so you can’t keep track of it.

Oh… I forgot to mention that they said you can only have sex with a child if you have that child’s “consent.” That’ll make it A-OK. Ask any pervert who ever held out a bag of candy.

God help us. When I was in grade school they used to teach us to steer way clear of people like this, they meant serious harm. Now people like this are running the show.

We need God’s help and we’d better pray for it, work for it, cry out for it with all our hearts. May the Lord of hosts confound them.

Globalist Groomers Meet Pushback

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Time for the globalist party to be over!

The United Nations has failed in an effort to make Western countries’ insane sex-for-the-children policies worldwide (https://patriotandliberty.com/united-nations-traditional-countries-stop-biden-administration-sexual-agenda-for-children/).

Delegates from “traditionalist” countries in Africa, Asia, and eastern Europe slammed the door on a plot pushed by the Biden administration to force radical changes in “sex education” upon the rest of the world. They leaned pretty hard on those “traditionalist” countries, but to no avail: those countries weren’t buying it.

Not content with sexually corrupting their own children, the Biden-led West sought to impose their policies on the entire world. Transgender mania, “gay” mania, and all the rest–but enough of the world said “No!” to put a stop to it.

We know they’ll try again.

May Almighty God raise up for us godly and courageous leaders to stand against the globalists and frustrate their designs. This scheme makes the building of the Tower of Babel look like a Cub Scout bake sale.