My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 4 (‘On the Road to Lunacy’)

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Bing and Bob–could we go with them instead of with these idiots?

Where’s Bob Hope and Bing Crosby when you need ’em?

While truly major problems loom over us, needing to be addressed, we keep ourselves busy with stupid stuff. Abyssmally stupid stuff–like selling vegetarianism, shaping babies’ heads, and promoting transgender and abortion. It’s impossible to imagine anything stupider than a slogan like “Abortion is our future!”

On The Road to Lunacy

Yes, it’d make a pretty funny Bob & Bing “On the Road” movie, but in real life it’s not so funny. And most of it is done by nimrods with college “educations”.

Nothing’s all that funny when you have to pay for it–in more ways than one.

Mondo Bizarro: ‘Human Meat Burger’

Vector cartoon stick figure drawing conceptual illustration of native cannibal man salivating, while looking at European or Western Traveler cooked in big cauldron on the fireplace.

A Swedish company called “Oomph!” has developed a novel way to promote the eating of plant-based foods–a “Human Meat Burger” (

They say they did a lot of, um, “research” to create a plant-based pseudo-meat that would taste exactly like human flesh made into hamburger.

What research? I mean, who did they ask, “What does human meat taste like?” Where’s Hannibal Lecter when you need him? Are there cannibals in Sweden, or did they have to go farther afield to find well-informed experts on this subject? And what kind of sales pitch can they use–“Feel like a cannibal”? Meanwhile, they’re calling it “exciting.”

Can we say yet that our civilization is melting down? How is this supposed to appeal to anyone who isn’t nuts?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! A plant-based diet will Save The Planet!

We seem to be running out of sane people we can listen to.