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‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

I love the 19th-century hymns–especially the ones my mother or my aunts used to sing as they went about their housework. I Need Thee Every Hour first appeared in 1872. Sung here by the Mennonite Hour Singers. Background sets by God the Father.

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

I can’t hear this hymn without remembering my mother singing it as she did her housework: I Need Thee Every Hour. This rendition is by Fernando Ortega.

I can’t say my parents were holy joes; but there was always a Bible in view (living room, their room, our room), always a picture of Jesus on the wall, and hymns sung or hummed or whistled as part of daily life.

I am glad we lived that way!

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’ (in Welsh)

In Welsh it’s “Mae d’eisiau di bob awr,” and we know it as I Need Thee Every Hour. Don’t you find that if you know the melody, the hymn will speak to you no matter what language it’s sung in?

King Arthur and St. David would have understood these lyrics.

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

This was one of my mother’s favorite hymns. I can still hear her humming it as she did the ironing. I Need Thee Every Hour–how true that is!

Performed by the Mennonite Hour Singers.

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

This is the Sunday school version of Annie Hawke’s beloved hymn (1872): you get the piano and the lyrics and the Holy Spirit, but you have to sing it yourself.

My mother used to sing this around the house. So did Grandma, her mother. Oh, I wish I could tell them that what they taught me, as a little toddling boy, I have not forgotten. No! I think I hear them more clearly now than I did then. It takes the seed some time to grow: that’s why you have to plant it when the children are very young. And give it time! It might take 50 years or more to bear fruit.

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