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They Shall Be as Gods

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Secular humanist triumphalism is the religion of most of this world’s ruling class: they mean to replace God. They intend to do all the things God should have done, but of course couldn’t do because He doesn’t exist. So runs their thinking.

Among the wonderful things they plan to do is to eradicate all–repeat, all–disease from the earth: Science will enable them to do this, because Science is pretty much all-powerful. You can’t buy God, but you can buy Science. This they have done.

But here’s the problem. Once they’ve got their shingle out, once they’re set up in the god business, it becomes a poor reflection on them if anyone gets sick. With them in charge, that’s not supposed to happen. Hence mandatory vaccinations against every disease known to medicine; and every time a not-terribly-serious disease, like measles, manifests itself… Well, they’ve got a crisis. A chicken pox crisis, say. Requiring prompt and decisive action by the state. A mandatory chicken pox vaccine. Enforced with fines and prison sentences. You get the idea.

Read their writings. A full and meaningful life for all. No more poverty. No more war. No more national borders: the same global state will govern all.

But the more they do, the more people will expect of them. We’ve already seen this. For instance, with real, raw racism abolished in America insofar as humanly possible, imaginary racism has to take its place–as something for the power of the state to be mobilized against, to feed on, and to grow.

Because everything they do has only one purpose: to expand the reach and power of the state, with themselves in charge of it. It may seem absurd to make laws against using the “wrong” pronouns; but it’s also the state claiming power over the very words out of your mouth. More power. Always more power.

God humbled Nebuchadnezzar.

He will humble secular humanism.

I just want to be there when He does!


Libs March ‘to Confront White Supremacy’

Image result for images of pulling down confederate statues

Nothing gets leftids pumped up like an imaginary crisis (see Climbit Change). Now a bunch of Far Left activist groups are on a ten-day march from Charlottesville, VA, to Washington, D.C., to “confront” the imaginary specter of “white supremacy” (https://www.yahoo.com/news/charlottesville-d-c-march-confront-slideshow-wp-165350911.html).

This is the purest of the pure crapola. Do you know any white supremacists? Look around: do you see any “white supremacy”? As for what you do see, does it look like “white supremacy” to you?

What we see is practically every major university vilifying and abusing whites for all they’re worth, corrupt nooze media pouring it on, and assorted leftids pulling down statues everywhere you look. Does that look like white supremacy to you?

This is, even more than the continuing hysteria over Man-Made Global Warming (except when it’s cold: then it’s Climate Change), a manufactured outrage over something that doesn’t exist, for the sole purpose of undoing the 2017 elections and radically transforming America into a neo-Third World basket case.

Anyone who’s actually fooled by this ought to be ashamed of it.


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