Libs March ‘to Confront White Supremacy’

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Nothing gets leftids pumped up like an imaginary crisis (see Climbit Change). Now a bunch of Far Left activist groups are on a ten-day march from Charlottesville, VA, to Washington, D.C., to “confront” the imaginary specter of “white supremacy” (

This is the purest of the pure crapola. Do you know any white supremacists? Look around: do you see any “white supremacy”? As for what you do see, does it look like “white supremacy” to you?

What we see is practically every major university vilifying and abusing whites for all they’re worth, corrupt nooze media pouring it on, and assorted leftids pulling down statues everywhere you look. Does that look like white supremacy to you?

This is, even more than the continuing hysteria over Man-Made Global Warming (except when it’s cold: then it’s Climate Change), a manufactured outrage over something that doesn’t exist, for the sole purpose of undoing the 2017 elections and radically transforming America into a neo-Third World basket case.

Anyone who’s actually fooled by this ought to be ashamed of it.


Just In: ‘The March for Science’

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Well, hey, if a lot of angry foul-mouthed feminists can do it, Climate Change kooks can do it, too–a big fat march on Washington.

They’re organizing right now to “take a stand for science in politics” ( ). So much for not politicizing science.

But of course what they’re really going to march for is Climate Change/Global Warming, which they like to call “facts with no alternatives,” and all the colossal Big Government action which that would entail. It’s just the same old Save The Planet crap–the biggest and best excuse lefties have ever come up with for their insatiable appetite for more and more power over regular people’s lives. Never mind it’s been repeatedly shown to be just fudged data and outright lies.

It cannot be denied that throughout earth’s history, local and regional climates change all the time. These are natural processes and no government, no matter how much power it grabs with both hands, can control them.

We can expect to see a lot of “marches” by a lot of left-wing losers over at least the next year or two.

Thankfully, we now have a president who has the courage and the common sense to ignore them. And we should, too.