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‘Jesus Christ is Risen Today’

I couldn’t resist the beauty: Jesus Christ is Risen Today, by the King’s College Choir at Cambridge. This is one of those hymns that’s the very essence of Easter. I think we’ll want to use it again sometime soon.

Any Easter hymn requests out there?

‘Jesus Christ Is Risen Today’

We love this hymn, right? We think of it as an Easter hymn, but when is a bad day for proclaiming that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead? Shout it from the housetops!

And we cheer “The Lutheran Warbler” as she sings her way through all the hymns in the Lutheran Service Book.

Gimme Some Hymns!

Look, I’ve just given you the King’s College, Cambridge, Choir singing Jesus Christ is Risen Today. All I ask in return is a few hymn requests for tomorrow. I’ll be stuck at the eye doctor’s all morning and will come home too dilated to see what I’m doing. But if I can get a hymn or two posted before I go, that would be a little something.

As for today–well, there are a few other dreary rotten news stories I could cover: for instance, America is about to get an official, government-authorized monument to Organized Sodomy. And a few others. But I don’t feel like covering them! It’s raining and raining and raining here in New Jersey and there’s only so much bad news I can take today.

So, if you don’t mind, I’ll come up with some cat video or something like that–maybe even a little more writing, if I get to feeling frisky.

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