‘NY School: No More Books’ (2017)

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How a civilization dies

In 2017 the nimrods running the Life Sciences Secondary School in New York City decided books were old and useless and from now on the school would go bookless–another one of those stories that made its little splash and then was heard no more, when our Free & Independent Nooze Media failed to follow it up.

NY School: No More Books

How stupid are The Smartest People In The World? Man, they show me nothin’! Do you like the way they’ve responded to the COVID crisis–which, in all probability, they created? Do you like the way they perform as caretakers of our culture?

Ruled, lorded over, governed, and educated by immoral morons…

NY School: No More Books

And this is where they’re headed…

Thanks to Linda, who sent in this news tip. And as much as I would like to pretend it’s just a bad dream, I know it isn’t and it’s too important to ignore.

A New York City school has decided to go bookless. Administrators at the Life Sciences Secondary School–where, last year, only 5% of middle school students passed the state math exam and only 9% of them passed the state English exam, have decreed that books are “antiquated and outdated” and have scooped up all the textbooks to get rid of them (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/05/03/a-new-york-school-is-trashing-all-its-textbooks-to-go-modern/).

Some teachers–enemies of the people, no doubt–have tried to hide their textbooks. Supposedly the books will all be replaced by computers, but the geniuses running the show haven’t actually bought more than a very few computers. Meanwhile, the kids have nothing to bring home to study.

“No more homework, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!” We used to sing that as kids. But we were only joking. Life Sciences Secondary School isn’t joking.

Is it possible that they’re getting rid of books because they never got around to teaching all their students how to read? When it comes to public education, never assume literacy.

Hey, New York City taxpayers! How much are you paying these people to teach your kids how to be ignoramuses?

But then that has always been the aim of public education.