Can Our Cities Actually Die?

ArtStation - RAGE Dead City detail

Archaeology is full of once-great cities that are no more. Babylon, Nineveh, Hazor, Hattusa, the Indus Valley cities, of whom even the name has been forgotten–multitudes of people used to live there. They are dead cities now: most of them purposely destroyed by enemy armies, some of them wiped out by natural disasters.

But are there any cities that just plain up and died? Because life there became insupportable, thanks to crime, political corruption, insane economic policies, or some form of mania?

I’m wondering about some of our cities. San Francisco and Los Angeles. Chicago. Detroit. Gary, IN. Camden, NJ. People are leaving–I mean, really, who would choose to stay in Portland, OR?

There is no authority to make people stay where they are. It would have to be invented. Liberals are easily capable of that. But for the time being, people are packing up in droves and fleeing our worst cities. And I wonder: might a few of those cities actually and literally die? Like, if enough people simply say “I won’t live this way no more!” and vote with their feet.

There’s evidence that some of the ancient Mayan cities died because their people just got up and went. They didn’t appreciate being ruled by warmongering tyrants with a taste for large-scale human sacrifice. The Mayan people are still here, but their cities are not.

What do we do with an uninhabited shell of San Francisco? Bulldoze the ruins and rebuild? Always presuming the site doesn’t have a curse on it.

Our cities are in trouble. The trouble is created by the cities’ own authorities. (Can you say Alvin Bragg? Just to name one of many.) We can’t save the cities and still keep those corrupt authorities in power. One or the other has to go.

SF Whole Foods Shuts Down: Too Much Crime

Major Outbreak in San Francisco Shelter Underlines Danger for the Homeless  - The New York Times

Guess why they have to hose down the sidewalks.

After only one year of business, San Francisco’s flagship Whole Foods supermarket has shut down… because of too much crime ( This includes drug use in the rest rooms, violence against the staff, and theft of every single shopping basket.

But the main reason was, it just wasn’t safe to work there. Whole Foods officers said the crime in the streets flowed into the store. Ya think?

At what point does a city get so bogged down by crime that it ceases to be a city? What kind of municipal government do you provide a shattered city inhabited by criminals? What if people who should be running the city just up stakes and say, “I’m out of here”? Because it’s impossible to achieve any meaningful results… and you could get robbed or killed if you venture onto the sidewalk.

Yeah, well, what are California’s governor and San Francisco’s supervisors doing to make the city fit for human beings again?

Hint: Nothing. Oh, wait–they want to pay $5 million apiece in “reparations” to “blacks.” Wow. Who the dickens is going to stay there once he has $5 million in his suitcase? And you could always get shot or stabbed or die of a drug overdose before you can collect.

The city of San Francisco is not safe. And what happens when the whole place becomes uninhabitable? Who picks up the tab for that?

Honk if you really don’t know.