Deaths Went Up 40%–How Come?

Politician liar gives people impossible promises with fingers crossed on  his back. Stock Photo | Adobe Stock

Ah! “Fact-Checkers” to the rescue! “Fact-Checkers” from Politifact.

The number of deaths “from all causes” went up by a staggering 40% in 2021, as claimed at first by a major life insurance company (

Mind you, they’re not denying that deaths went up by 40%. Don’t ask me why they aren’t fighting over that. Their beef is with “vaccine skeptics on blogs” blaming the experimental COVID-19 shots, billed to us as “vaccines.”

[Trumpet fanfare] “Our ruling,” says Politifact–take themselves very seriously, don’t they?–is that there’s “no evidence” the so-called vaccines did anybody any harm at all, and probbly COVID itself is responsible for 40% more deaths. Gotta be! Can’t let them vaccine skeptics be right, can we?

Do we trust Politifact? Do we trust ANY of these people?

See, guys, here are some facts we just can’t dismiss.

*There is an active, ongoing effort to set up a global government.

*The persons behind that effort mean to reward themselves with wealth and power beyond anything  yet seen in history so far. They mean to do so at our expense.

*Their political mouthpieces–Gore, Kerry, Obama, et al–are Far Left loons, one and all: for all practical purposes, communists. C’mon–would you buy a used car from these characters?

*Then there’s Dr. Fauci and the other crooks in Washington.

So no, no, no–we do not trust you, never will. If you guys ever told the truth about anything, you’d spontaneously combust.