‘Harvesting Organs’–Think Again

Harvesting Organs & Cherishing Life: What Christians Need to Know About Organ Donation and Procurement : Klessig H, Bogosh C: Amazon.in: बुक्स

This will not be a full review, but I do want to call attention to this book co-authored by Christopher Bogosh and our own esteemed colleague, Dr. Heidi Klessig–Harvesting Organs & Cherishing Life.

Organ harvesting is a big, fabulously lucrative business in our fallen world. Most people think of it as a way of saving a patient’s life by transplanting into that patient an organ from another patient who has just died.

Except it isn’t. I am reminded of a line from Jurassic Park: “The point is, you’re still alive when they start to eat you.”

A major point in this book is that “brain death” is not exactly real, irreversible death–like when your heart stops beating and can’t be made to start again. But “brain death” lets them start cutting you up while you’re still a little bit alive.

This is a shocking book, and it should certainly move us to reconsider the whole business of organ harvesting.

Note the subtitle: What Christians Need to Know About Organ Donation and Procurement. I agree: we need to know these things.

I don’t think I’ll sign up as an organ donor anytime soon.

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