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Is It Really a Mammal?

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Hi, Mr. Nature here, with a critter a lot of folks have never heard of–the tenrec.

There are a bunch of different species of these little guys, living on Madagascar, Mauritius, and a few other out-of-the-way places in the Indian Ocean. And the thing about them is… are they really mammals?

We ask this because they maintain rather low body temperatures, and unlike all other mammals, but like birds and reptiles and amphibians, they have a cloaca instead of separate urine and genital tracts. That means one little hole for everything, as you’d find on a lizard or a canary. But at least they don’t lay eggs like the platypus or the spiny anteater (echidna).

God’s stuff is very complicated. We’ve been studying it for centuries and are still nowhere near to understanding all of it. We want all our living things sorted into nice, neat categories, and along comes some animal like the tenrec and muddies the waters. I mean, really, what’s a mammal doing with a cloaca?

King Solomon thought one could acquire wisdom by studying the intricacies and mysteries of nature. I’m sure he was right.

Mammals that Lay Eggs

Hi, Mr. Nature here again!

This cute little animal trundling along is a spiny anteater, or echidna–and along with the more famous duck-billed platypus, it’s one of only a very few mammals that… well, lay eggs!

It’s warm-blooded, but not as warm-blooded as regular mammals. It feeds its babies (when they hatch) on breast milk; but it doesn’t have proper nipples. We begin to wonder if these really are mammals, after all.

Ignore the Darwinian fairy tale that comes packaged with this video. If it weren’t for the intense politics involved, Darwinism would’ve bitten the dust quite a while ago. We can’t help wanting to gain a better understanding of the world and how it works, so scientific theories come and go–except for the ones that get a political constituency.

But the echidnas and the platypuses know nothing of politics or scientific theories. They are as God created them, and so are we–complete with our God-given urge to always try to find out more.

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