‘Praise Him, Praise Him!’

Our friends and esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy Swanson,  have an instrumental hymn for us–Praise Him! Praise Him!–with lyrics so you can sing along. This is another one of Fanny Crosby’s nine thousand hymns.

By Request, ‘Praise Him, Praise Him’

I’d never heard this hymn before–Praise Him, praise Him, here performed by the Joslin Grove Choral Society. This one ought to raise a few spirits.

Thank you, Linda, for suggesting it.

Hey, everybody, we take hymn requests every day around here, and every night, too. Don’t rely in just the same two or three readers to come up with all the hymns. Lee’s Hymn Shop is open to all, and there’s no charge for the service.

Do you realize that, if we only played one of them a day, every day, it would take us over 23 years to play all the hymns Fanny Crosby wrote? Makes the head spin…