Poll: ‘Up to Half’ of College Students Say They’re ‘Gay’

Digger Crayfish | Missouri Department of Conservation

I haven’t the heart to illustrate this as I should. Here’s a nice crayfish instead.

(Thanks to Thewhiterabbit for the nooze tip)

A recent poll of college students by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education featured some distressing results.

Among current college students, 23% “identify” (whatever the hell that means) as LGBT; but in ritzy liberal arts colleges, the average is 38% and in some places “up to half the student body” (https://www.manhattan-institute.org/polarization-about-get-lot-worse-students-are-even-more-divided-we-are-opinion).

Well waddaya know? Propaganda works! It really works!

Why wouldn’t these wretched college students identify as homosexuals? You get constant praise from Important People who really matter! All through school your teachers have pushed you and encouraged you. Probably your folks hid their heads in the sand: very intoxicating stuff, knowing that your parents are afraid to cross you. The government loves you, Hollywood loves you, the United Nations loves you! And anyone who doesn’t had better watch out!

And please, no raking up ancient cliches about liberal arts colleges and how nothing ever changes.

Remember this easy rule of thumb. In considering any societal change recommended by Democrats and other parasites, simply ask, “What would happen if everybody did it?” And if the answer is “The human race would go extinct”–well, then you know where you are.