‘Miley Cyrus, Liberal Prat’ (2017)

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For a while there, no one was spewing out idiotic claptrap like Miley Cyrus. If lava was horse-schiff, she’d be Mt. St. Helen’s. Thankfully, we haven’t heard much from her lately.

But here’s a sample of her product from a few years ago.

Miley Cyrus, Liberal Prat

Liberals are always promising to leave America, but they never do. Imagine what a wonderful country we’d have if all the Far Left crazies moved to China. Wouldn’t they be happier there?

No, they wouldn’t; because their chief pleasure is to torment normal people.

Grown Men Acting Like 5-Year-Olds

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Whoever first said “Sports build character” was the all-time champ for not knowing what the dickens he was talking about–and getting away with it.

This little gem of a paperback from 1978, Inside the Yankees by Ed Linn, goes behind the scenes of the Yankees’ 1977 championship season.

I’m not presenting it to you as a baseball book. Forget the baseball. Inside the Yankees is a soap opera.

From top to bottom, from team owner George Steinbrenner, manager Billy Martin, and superstar Reggie Jackson–er, wait a minute: there is no bottom. They’re all trying to be the one on top, and they will stop just short of murder to get there. Anyway, you wouldn’t believe grown men could behave like this and not get locked up somewhere. Like, was there anyone in or around baseball whom Billy Martin didn’t punch out?

My favorite scene is the one in which several of the team’s prima donnas, individually and without prior consultation, each makes his way up to Steinbrenner’s hotel room to complain about his team-mates–and as each arrives, George has to hide the previous petitioner somewhere in the suite. Did they take that from a Danny Kaye movie?

This is long before Colin Koprolite got rich and famous for whining about how much he hates mean old America.

I’m afraid professional athletes have always been d*****bags. I’m sure Rome’s gladiators and charioteers always used to carp and backbite each other–although gladiators did sometimes get the opportunity to settle their grudges permanently. Give Reggie and Billy a crack at that, and you’d see sparks fly!

Another fantastic book along the same lines is Glory Days With the Dodgers by their catcher, John Roseboro. Roseboro looked back at his own life in sports, starting with his days in grade school, and had a lot of unsentimental things to say about it.

No, sports do not build character. Amazing that anybody ever thought they did.

Miley Cyrus, Liberal Prat

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When Reggie Jackson signed with the Yankees for the 1977 season, before a single game was played, Reggie riled up the whole New York sports world by saying, “I am the straw that stirs the drink.” Oh, Reggie. You just sounded like a fat-head. Hardly the best way to win friends and influence people.

But Miley Cyrus, Hollywood liberal dingbat, has just out-fatheaded Reggie by several country miles.

Miley promised us she’d quit the U.S. for good if Donald Trump were elected president instead of drunken, potty-mouthed, Careless Clinton. Libs always promise to leave, and then they don’t. Smiley Miley is no exception.

Instead of leaving the country like she promised, Miley says no, she’s gonna stay right here: because… wait for it…”I’ve got to glue this place together” (http://ijr.com/2017/05/865385-hillary-supporter-miley-cyrus-election-loss-won-system-f-d-lost/).

Don’t liberals take themselves seriously? I mean, very, very seriously?

One thing I do have to say about the way they’ve carried on since losing the election.

I have never in my life felt more satisfied about a vote I cast for anyone, than I feel about the vote I cast for Donald Trump.