By Request, ‘Hallelujah, Thine the Glory’

Requested by “Thewhiterabbit”: Hallelujah, Thine the Glory turns out to be also known as Revive Us Again–by William Mackay in 1863. This is my favorite rendition of it, by Nathan and Lyle, auto-harp and guitar.

‘Revive Us Again’

Who doesn’t love Revive Us Again? I’m especially fond of this rendition of it by Nathan and Lyle.

Your Favorite Hymns continues–and whoever you are out there, don’t be afraid to add to the list.

Encore: ‘Revive Us Again’

I’m only posting this today because I love it and I need a hymn for this spot. I once whistled it for a couple of deer, who listened attentively without running away. Revive Us Again, sung by Nathan and Lyle.

‘Revive Us Again,’ Again

You don’t mind if I post this again, do you? It’s one of my favorite hymns, and I love the way Nathan and Lyle do it. I once whistled it for a couple of deer, who stayed right where they were, just a few steps away, listening intently.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Revive Us Again’

Well, here I am, sitting in the eye doctor’s waiting room, watching the morning trickle away. So I have posted this video ahead of time–Nathan and Lyle, and Revive Us Again. This is one of my favorite hymns. I whistled it to a deer once, and she stayed for the whole thing.

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‘Revive Us Again’ Again

I can’t stay away from this hymn very long–Revive Us Again, performed by Nathan and Lyle in Denton County, Texas. Some of those 19th century hymns were the best ever.

‘Revive Us Again’

Still my favorite rendition of this hymn–Revive Us Again, performed by Nathan and Lyle.

I once stood still and whistled this to a pair of deer, some ten feet away: and they stayed.

They knew this country needs revival. Even the deer know that.

‘Revive Us Again’ (We Need It)

As you enjoy Nathan and Lyle performing Revive Us Again, Patty and I are vegetating in the doctor’s waiting room. Having endured all those tests, my wife wants a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Is that asking too much? If the doctor doesn’t come across today, we’ll have to start doctor-shopping.

Please pray for us: certainly Patty’s health needs to be revived. We believe the Lord can do this. And we ask for it in Jesus’ name, Amen.

P.S.–Well, as it turns out, we’re not there, after all. Patty decided to cancel. No more doctoring till after New Year’s, if we can possibly avoid it.

‘Revive Us Again’ (Revived)

I didn’t have a hymn request when I opened the blog today, so for the time being I went with the first hymn that came into my head–Revive Us Again, a classic from 1863. I just love this rendition of it by Nathan and Lyle, in Denton County, Texas.

Curtain Call,’Revive Us Again’

My only excuse for posting this again–reviving it again?–is that I really love this hymn and this rendition of it, and I think it gives glory to God when we sing it, whistle it, or just listen to it. Without further ado, here are Nathan and Lyle, at home in Denton County, Texas. with Revive Us Again.