‘Yield Not to Temptation’

First hymn to pop into my mind this morning, no requests forthcoming–an old Sunday school favorite, Yield Not to Temptation. Sung by Nathan and Lyle, and also known as Look Ever to Jesus.

‘He Hideth My Soul’

Ugh! Rain again, bad dreams all night–so I’m late.

First hymn I thought of today: He Hideth My Soul, one of some eight or nine thousand hymns written by Fanny Crosby. Sung by Nathan and Lyle with friends and family, in Denton County, Texas.

‘We Are Going Down the Valley’

Here’s a hymn I never heard before–We Are Going Down the Valley, performed at home by Nathan and Lyle and a couple of friends. I’m always amazed by the music they can make without a studio… all in praise of the Lord.

‘Revive Us Again’

I don’t know about you, but I could use some reviving, big-time. And this classic 19th-century hymn was written to provide it. Sung by Nathan (autoharp) and Lyle (guitar), at home in Denton County, Texas–Revive Us Again.

‘Revive Us Again’

No hymn requests this morning, no comments, no likes… I’m on my own.

Revive Us Again, sung by Nathan and Lyle, with autoharp and guitar–it’s one of my favorites. I sang it to a deer once. I think she liked it.

‘Yield Not to Temptation’

I have to rush out and buy the week’s groceries, etc.; but first, this hymn was on my mind when I woke up today, I feel I ought to post it–an old Sunday school favorite, Yield Not to Temptation (published in 1868). Nathan (mandolin) and Lyle (guitar)–yes, I love the way they do this hymn.

‘O, I Want to See Him’

We like to start the blog day with a hymn. Today’s hymn is O, I Want to See Him, sung by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends in Denton County, Texas.

We are open for hymn requests all day.

‘Brighten the Corner Where You Are’

There are people who just do it: you can’t help feeling better when they’re around. But I think as Christians we ought to try to do that on purpose. That’s the message of this hymn, isn’t it? (Yes, I know there are people who have a black cloud on a leash and take it everywhere they go. But that wouldn’t make for much of a hymn!)

Performed by Nathan and Lyle, at home: Brighten the Corner Where You Are.

‘Shall We Gather at the River?’

This old favorite was in my mind for most of yesterday, so I thought I’d better post it: Shall We Gather at the River?, performed by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends (one of the family may be a little young for this)… in Denton County, Texas.

Hymn, ‘The Love of God’

Some hymn requests came in overnight, and I will get to them, never fear. But let’s start off the day with The Love of God, with Nate and Lyle and some of their family and friends.

Is this great, or what?

Because if anything is going to carry us through this evil age, it’s God’s love.