‘School Demands “Silent Cheers”‘ (2016)

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None of that noisy cheering here, folks!

I run this post sometimes because I can’t believe the towering stupidity of persons whom we put in charge of schools.

School Demands ‘Silent Cheers’ (2016, 2019)

Can you imagine actually being “educated” by such people? I wonder if they put their clothes on backwards.

There’s nothing better you can do for your children than to remove them from public education.

School Demands ‘Silent Cheers’ (2016, 2019)

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None of that noisy cheering here!

Grandpa, didn’t there used to be this thing called Western civilization?

There sure was, sonny–and it was great! It had air conditioning.

What happened to it, grandpa?

Son, it schooled itself to death…

‘School Demands Silent Cheers’ (2016)

There’s just no limit to what “educators” can come up with when they’re dreaming up incredibly stupid ideas.

A few years ago a school in Sydney, Australia, came up with “silent cheers.” They kept it going for a while until the whole world wound up laughing at them.

Why any parents would want to subject their children to “school officials” is well beyond me. Could it be nothing more than a really bad habit?