Do We Understand that Movies Aren’t Real?

I have mastered the camouflage of the alien “Predator.” | Eric Robert  Nolan, Author

You can listen all day, every day, to tales of The Paranormal and never run out of them.

Here’s a little something I’ve noticed, though.

A new kind of monster, UFO, weird experience, whatever, makes it all around the world in video; and the next thing you know, people all around the world are claiming to have seen it. In real life. Not in a movie.

Remember The Predator (1987)? The monster had special camouflage which made it practically invisible. It was a very successful movie, with sequels, comic books, action figures, etc. Before long, the whole world knew what “the Predator” was and what it looked like–if you could see it at all.

Now, 30 years later, you can’t throw a brick among The Paranormal without hitting someone who’s sure he’s seen a Predator.

But it doesn’t stop there. There must be thousands of people out there, tens of thousands who’ve seen skinwalkers, interdimensional “portals” opening, Bigfoot, Shadow People…

If it’s been in the movies, people believe in it. And I don’t think they can help it. Our culture includes a deep reservoir of superstition–and movies look real! Who am I to say none of these people has seen any of those things he says he’s seen? Can we say, “Just because you see it doesn’t mean it’s there”?

I did once hear some mameluke on talk radio assert that The Movies, not America, were “his country.”

Of course he sees Bigfoot.