A Story Too Filthy to Post

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This blog is part of the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry. Among other things, I have a calling to warn readers of the abuses routinely practiced against children and communities by the public school establishment.

Yesterday I encountered a story which I judged too filthy to post here. Suffice it to say that a public school “teacher” has confessed a crime perpetrated against the children in his charge. He has been arrested, and hopefully he will be given prison time and registered, for the rest of his life, as a sex offender.

This man went through teachers’ college, was given a license, and hired by his local school board to teach at an elementary school. How he was ever deemed fit to teach anywhere is a mystery.

This has to stop. And the only way to stop it is for sane parents to remove their children from the public schools. Nothing else will work.

NJ Schools to Teach ‘LGBT Contributions,’ etc.

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Having saddled themselves with a Democrat governor and a Democrat legislature, the people of New Jersey are about to reap what they have sown.

Starting in the next school year, a new state law requires New Jersey public “schools” to teach “LGBT history and contributions,” blah-blah.

The mayor of Barnegat Township, Alfonso Cirulli, has asked the people of New Jersey to demand the repeal of that law (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3771390/posts).

“No group has a right to force others to comply with their beliefs, deprive them of their First Amendment rights, and strip the rights of parents of how to morally raise their children,” the mayor said.

Excuse me while I put on my Barnegat T-shirt.

So once again the “pro-choice” crowd removes yet another choice from the undefended public. Once again, they’ll make the choice for you. They’ll stir the drink for you because you can only stir it bad.

We pay for those schools. We pay plenty. But we get no say in what is taught, or who teaches it. The only say we’ve got is to pull our children out of those Far Left indoctrination factories and educate them at home or in a Christian school.

Which is exactly what we have to do.

Otherwise we are allowing our culture to be killed, “educated” to death–and there will come a time when it’s just too late to save it.