‘Wonderful Words of Life’

I love this hymn, it takes me back to Sunday school: Wonderful Words of Life, sung here by the Dallas Christian Concert Choir.

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‘Wonderful Words of Life’

Here’s another great old Sunday school favorite–Wonderful Words of Life, sung here by the Dallas Christian Concern Choir. When I shut my eyes, I can still see Mrs. R____ on the piano…

‘Wonderful Words of Life’

This is a Sunday school favorite, we must have sung it hundreds of times–Wonderful Words of Life. But we couldn’t sing it like these kids from Fountainview Academy. They couldn’t figure out how to get the piano into the rowboat, but everything else works beautifully.

‘Wonderful Words of Life’

This is a dear old Sunday school favorite–Wonderful Words of Life. Published in 1874, sung here by the Dallas Christian Concert Choir. Background sets and beauty by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

‘Wonderful Words of Life’ (Fountainview Academy)

Actually, I’m at the eye doctor’s as you’re reading this, but here, at the moment, it’s Friday morning. Got that?

Wonderful Words of Life, a Sunday school favorite, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy… wonderful.

‘Wonderful Words of Life’

How many times did we sing this in Sunday school? Probably never anywhere near as sweetly as the kids at Fountainview Academy. I still play it on my harmonica sometimes: Beautiful Words of Life. Wow, that brings me back…

‘Beautiful Words, Wonderful Words’ (Fountainview Academy)

This was another hymn we sang a lot of in Sunday school, Wonderful Words of Life. We couldn’t do it up like these kids here at Fountainview Academy (oh, those voices! how those girls can sing!), complete with a lovely lake setting. We had to settle for just our own untrained voices and the lady at the piano. And that was just fine, too.

That lake–sometimes the work of God’s hands is so beautiful, you could cry. Turning into a softy in my old age, I guess.


‘Wonderful Words of Life’ (Fountainview Academy)

Philip Bliss wrote this hymn in 1874, and was astonished when his state Sunday school association offered to pay him to sing it at their annual meeting. And from then on it’s been a favorite–Wonderful Words of Life, here performed by the students at Fountainview Academy, British Columbia.

Hymn, ‘Wonderful Words of Life’

This was one of my favorites from Sunday School–Wonderful Words of Life, here sung by the Joslin Grove Choral Society. God knows we never needed more to hear His word than we need it now.

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By Request, ‘Wonderful Words of Life’

I can’t imagine how I could have overlooked this hymn, so far: so thank you, Linda, for requesting it–Wonderful Words of Life, sung by the Joslin Grove Choral Society. Ah, this brings me back to Sunday school! Piano and all.