We Has Got ‘a’ New Coarse!!!

You may be cool, but you'll never be pulling a lion back in the cage cool.  : r/funny

We has got “a” New Coarse in Nothing Studdies it is caled Kleptozoology and I has sined Up “foar” it!!!

This heer Coarse it “is of crypticle impotence” that is waht “the” Prefesser he sayed!! It is awl abuote haow to libberate Zooo aminels (“as” yiu Can see fromb the Pixture!)!”! It is toatelly Racist “to” keeep aminols in zooos!!!! Ownly strait Wyte Mails doo that!!!!!

To pass “the” Coarse yiu has got to libberate at leest One (1) annamol from The Zooo! and turn it looose!!!!! Iff yiu Grabb “a” lyon bye The Back Leggs yiu Can “pull” it Oaut “of” the Caige and it Cant Turn araound And byte yiu!!!!!!

But it doant has “to be” a Lyon, it can “be” a Ellerfint,, a RINO, oar a Griller too!!!!!! Enny anmal yiu wannt!! Thare “was” a Gye in Jippan oar somb plaice,, he puled Out a crockadile bye The Tale so he got a A in the Coarse!!!! It “is” jist tooo bad the crockadile it bited his Arm off!!!!!!!! And a Wimmin she libberated a Noot!!! I wood lyke To libberate a Tygger!!!!!!!!!! Iff yiu pull The Tale it Cant byte yiu!!!!

Somb very Grate parsons thay has studdied Klepto-Zoology but i whil ownly naim To of themb,, Jon Stink and Ellanoar Rosevellt!!!!!