Welcom Back to Collidge, Now Shut Up

Its almost time for the new semester to start, and ther wil be lots of new studints on our campas. I has ben here all sumer, workin on my degre in Gender Studies.

That stopid guy had to go to dentist, so I got his blog, ha-ha.

Lots of peple ben complaning about no freedem of speetch in collidge anymore. Well, ther aint suposed to be no freedem!!! What kind of big dumby thinks you can oaught to be alowed to say wrong things?

You freshmen who is coming in, yuo shuld pay attenttion to yuor Studnt Guide and just not say anything. Only us interllecturals shuld auht to be alowed to say things, because we never say nothing that is hatful or wrong or stopid. The rest of yiu is not interllecturels yet so you shuld just shut up. Yous dont know how to talk without sayin things that is microgresion. (I am not sure abuot that word, I only lernt it the other day. My prefesser he says its microgresion when you say or do somthing that is ofensieve even when yuo dont meane it. He says you cant hardly say nothing withhout being microgrestive.)

Well I got to go now, ther is a lectur on a bortion how it keeps wimmin helthy, and how we got to defiend Planed Parinthood from the  Vaste Rihjtwing Conspracy, and after that I got class in Self-Esteem. So rembember, if yuo aint a interllectural, just shut up and dont say nothing. Thats yuor cyvic dutie!!!

Dirty Lies About Planned Parinthood

Ha, ha, that other guy he think so smart, but here I am doing his stopid blog and he dont know it.

My prefesser he says we got to defend Planned Parinthood from those dirty ingorent christins who alyaws attack it becose they dont want no wommen to have no repoductive rights. So now their out ther saying Planned Parinthood sells baby parts for lots of money, and how its aginst the law. My prefesser he says them videotapes theyr all fake and that anybody who is a interllectural like us can see right thru them. He even has figgered out how they is fake.

1) The cristians hired acters to pretent to be these head honchos in Planned Parinthood and say all this stuff about sellin parts of killed babys.

2) If they dint hire acters, they dubbed new words into the vidio and made like Planned Parinthood was sayin thes here things when they wernt.

Anyhow we know thes here vidios are fake because The New York Times!! AND NPR! they both say so!! Anyone who dont beleeve The New York Times!! you must be a homo-phob or somthing evin worst.

Well, now I got to go back to collidge and study for my Final EXam in Gender Liberation Studies 202 and I better ace it or it goin to take me another three or for years to get my batcheloors in Gender Studies. The *President* he says he wants to give free collidge to everbody, but I think he sholdnt give free collidge to Christins becuse they wuld not apprecate it. You just cant never make a interllectural out of a christin.

Politrical Correctness is Good for You

That other guy isnt here right now and I come to do his blog because he was in collidge so long ago, he has forgot how to be a interllectural. And my prefesser he says you stopid uneducatted peple out there better stop complaning about politrical correctness becuse it is good for you and yuo are too dumm to aprechate it.

Like take the Confrederet Flag for instants. Everbody who wants to see it is a racist bigot sexist homo-phob who hates imniggrents. It was the Germen’s flag in the War of 1812 when the Black Panters abollished slavry and the nazis they tride to suceed from the Union. I learnt all that in hi school.

You dumm peple who arnet in collidge, you dont understan what politrical correctness does and why we got to have it or else there be Global Warming! My prefesser he explanes it perfickly clear. If we dont let nobody say anything bad, then nothing bad will hapen. So we are tryin to take all the bad out of the world, and these here conserfitiffs they want to stop us becase they are for all the bad things and a lot of them are ingnorent Christins.

So if you cant see the Confrederet Flag, then you cant think any Confrederet thoughts. See how simple that is?? I dont see why you dumm peple dont just shut up and let us interllecturals do whats best for you. My prefesser he says this wont never end until everybody and every one is Gay, and all of us here at the collidge we cant wait to see that hapen, so there!!!

There Isn’t No Truth Eccept Interllectural Truth

Ha-ha, that other guy had to go someplace, so I can take over his stopid blog. Yes it’s me… er, whatsisname. Shoot, that was great weed I smoked last night.

I been in collidge 5 years now and in two more years or maybe 3 I will have my batchelers degree in Gender Studies, so I know most of you who reading this aint as well educatted as I am. You got to have collidge before he can be a interllectural, and only us interllecturals understand stuff.

Thats why you folks who is not interllecturals should ougt to believe us interllecturals when we tell you whats what, bcecase wer smarter than you.

Like, my prefesser, he says the reason the economy sucks is beccuse of the real hard cold winter we just had. It aint becosse of Presdint ***Obama*** screwin up. That is what you shuld believe beckaws my prefesser says so and he is a interlecturel.

He also says last year was the warmist year ever bar none, hotest year ever and you shold beleve him bechaze he is a interlectural and yuour not.

And also Bruce Jinner relly is a woman now and if you say no Katelin is still a man becouse of cromosoames or somthing you are just a hater an full of homophobia and you wait an see. All the Interllecturals say he is a woman now.

We learnt in collidge that everything a intelectoral says is true an you better beleve it. Becasse someday we just not goin to let you think stuff that isnt what stuff you shoud think. Just see if we dont.

A Test to Decide Who Gets Out of Grade School

Ha ha! That other guy he had to go out, so my prefesser he said I should come over here and rite something else from that Christin Talaban stuff that you get here every day. That guy is alyaws trying to impose his religin on everybody and he shouldnt be allowed to rite about religin unless he is writ about how not true it is.

My prefesser he has invented a test for everyone to take and if you cant pass it you have to stay in grade school till you do. Of course its easy for us interllecturals to pass it, but that is because we have been to collidge.

Here is part of the test so you can see what its like.

1. Name the 50 (fitfy) genders reckonized by the smart peoplle of America.

2. If you are allready in one gender, change over to a diffrent one.

3. Which of these causes Global Warming?  a) Income Ineqaulity  b) Homophobia  c) Captalism  d) Eating Meat  Ha ha, this is a trick question! You supposed to say they all do!

4. True or Flase: There is No God because Science says so and Science is alyays right.

5. Give ten reasons why everybody should ouht to go to collidge, and writ a parragrap about why we cant have no dumocracy unless there is more and more collidge and if you dont stay there for at least six years you cant postibly learn how to be a interllecturle.

So that is what the test is like, and it will pertect us from Christins and groups what have got no educatin. And thats all I got to say. Except PS make sure and vote for Hillery.

Hillery for President!


Hi, I am blogging here today insted of that other guy because he is not here. I am in my fifth year of  collidge and in another two yrs i will get my batcheler’s degree in Liberation Studies, if I keep on getting extra credit for marching in Gay Pride parades and keying cars.

I am here to tell you to vote for Hillery for President! You have got to vote for her because she is a women, and it is time we had a women president. If you dont vote for her, you are a sexist and a hater, and you hate women too. My prefesser he says that everybody who doesnot vote for Hillery is against Science and also hates Gay People and childrens and The Poor.

My mother she says that Hillery is the most dishonest women in the world, and a big fat crook, and a hippocrit to boot, but my prefesser he is smarter than anybody’s mother and he says my mother is a enemy of the human race. He has promised to give us students class credit for all the time we spend volunteeering for Hillery’s campain and working for her.

Also Hillery ate a burrito the other day and that means she is fond of common people and not just interleccturals like us. She even wore a moo-moo when she did it!

My prefesser he says that any of his students who dont vote for Hillery, he is going to flunk them out of collidge. Well, it would serve them right! I think everyone should vote for Hillery and get in trouble if they dont.

Well, now I have to go to my next class and learn some more true facts. Remember, vote for Hillery or else.