Why I Warship Hillery

I am sick of the guy who dose this blog and how he hastnt got no branes. Thats becuse he is a christin and all religis peple are stopid. Exept for when they warshiping Hillery like they done when they sung that him to her.

I am a interllectural and I sur was glad! when they sung a him to Hillery. Hear at collidge I am erning a degree in Gender Studies, and we all interllecturals becase we know ther istnt no God but ther sure as Hell is Hillery!

It makes me mad to see all these peple complaning aboat Warshington State U. makin all the white stodents deefer to minorites. We are tyring to aradacate White Privledge so ther can be Socal Justice and everbody shoud just shut up and let us do it.

I warship Hillery becose my prefesser he told me to and he the bigest interllectural we got. When Hillery is Presdent she will make Socail Justice and aslo fix Globbal Warming. And anybody who dont like it, that wil be a chilly day for them!

When Hillery is Presdent she will have all us interllecturals to help her run the contry, and she wil put a stop to al that Christin stuff for good and there wil only be Sceince left becuse Sceince is alyaws true! And there wont be no more God but ther wil stil be Hillery and then you wil al have to sing hims to her.

Even that big dop who dose this blog! Ha-ha-Ha!

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    1. I hope your professor takes a long walk off a short cliff. He’s ‘stopid’, as you so eloquently put it, and so are you. Shame on you, you foolish little squirt.

    2. See now my prefesser he was right, you dum peple dont aprecate us interllecturals when you shoud want us to govern yiu and tel yuo whatt to do.

  1. But some interlectooals can fool you. They look like regular folk…like you and me. They even own successful businesses. Beats me how they can be so stoopid and believe in BamBam Obama and Hileree. Oh well….takes all kinds.

    Keep up the good work, Lee!

    Joyce Van

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