Do Deer Read Road Signs?

Thanks to Linda Sorci for reminding us of this incredible talk radio phone call!

The caller’s argument relies on the premise that deer can read. And when they read “Deer Crossing” road signs, they naturally assume that this must be a good place for them to cross the busy highway.

Is that really any sillier than believing “the Annunaki” from outer space secretly came to earth to micro-manage human history and genetically engineer critters like centaurs?

This in a country that spends more on “education” than any civilization in the history of the world.

5 comments on “Do Deer Read Road Signs?

  1. In the scheme of things, considering the value of our education dollars, the money may very well be better spent on teaching deer to read. 🙂

    1. They might learn it better than our students do–until they suddenly realize that they, too, are a Cherished Minority entitled to all sorts of unearned goodies.

  2. America spends money on indoctrination. The word education comes from the Latin “educare” which means to “draw out.” Public education drills in its agenda and inhibits the drawing out part.

    1. As Miss Jean Brody once said, our “education” would be better called “intrusion,” from the Latin, “I thrust”–as in thrusting in.

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