Clinton Meets with Lynch (They Think We’re Simpletons)

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Sorry, but my personal revulsion for these individuals is very hard to control.

Aboard a “government-owned private jet,” whatever that is, former White House sleazemaster Bill Clinton had a private pow-wow the other day with Attorney General Loretta “What First Amendment?” Lynch ( ).

With an indictment in the middle of an election year hanging over Mrs. Clinton’s head, just as she bids to become our–God help us–president, we are asked to believe that the two party hacks talked about… well, nothing. The mean ol’ indictment, it just never came up in the conversation.

They think we’re simpletons. We must be, to be ruled by such as them.

It is grossly, blatantly, boisterously improper for the attorney general to be having a private conversation with the man who is married–I use the word loosely–to the subject of a massive FBI investigation. But since when have any of these people cared a snap for propriety?

I grieve for my country, whose people apparently cannot feel shame and who have so little self-respect as to consent to be governed  by moral imbeciles.

2 comments on “Clinton Meets with Lynch (They Think We’re Simpletons)

  1. It would be so infuriating… until I remember that God is in control, and He sees every move they make. I think often of Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9, and then see the results of that prayer in the next chapter, and I believe I see what all of God’s people should do. I know many are doing so, but then there is the timing of events which only God knows. Watch and see what He will do.

  2. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe what I felt when I heard this earlier today. Just an innocent chance meeting? Sure. These people are shameless – all of them! And I’m afraid the people of this nation have become so dumbed down and apathetic that they will still rally around the cackling witch (literally) ‘Hil-liary. Every thinking human being should be outraged. Apparently there aren’t enough thinking human beings left in this country. Stick a fork in us – we’re done!

    God help us!

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