The Four Worst Reasons Not to Vote for Trump

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When all else fails…

One) “I’m waiting for the Righteous Candidate to come along, the one who’s as righteous as me.” Good luck with that, Sunshine.

Two) “His wife once posed nude.” You would rather it was…who?

Three) “He can’t rattle off the names of the leaders of every little dollar-store country in the world.” After Benghazi, do you really, truly want Hillary Clinton handling America’s foreign policy?

Four) “He’s not a real conservative.” Well, if you can find any kind of conservative at all, anywhere in the Democrat Party, you ought to take up dowsing. You’ll be good at it.

Bonus reason: “I didn’t like his TV show.” There is no answer to such a compelling reason as that.

10 comments on “The Four Worst Reasons Not to Vote for Trump

    1. That’s easy.
      1. He’s not Hillary.
      2. He won’t have Lynch or Kerry or Holder in his cabinet.
      3. He has actually paid for things out of his own pocket, with money that he earned.
      4. Unlike most politicians (if not all of them), Trump’s successes have all been in the real world where you can’t make the public pay for your failures.

    2. But… what is he going to actually DO? And HOW? I hear him tout a bunch of ego filled promises like he’s running for student council president and is going to have a vending machine in each home room but doesn’t tell you how he plans to make it possible that you can drink your milk and eat your pop-tart while taking attendance.

      Also, if he’s paying for everything, does that mean I have to pay NO MORE TAXES? 🙂

      Oh, and his bankruptcies, we actually do eventually pay for in some way, shape or form.

    3. I think we know what Hillary is going to do, and that’s why I back Trump.
      If you want to characterize him as a business failure because 11 of his hundreds of companies went bankrupt, enjoy it.
      It’s still better than Whitewater.

    4. I am not even remotely a Hillary supporter but only because of how she treats our military in person… among other reasons. I was just curious why so many support him… maybe I’d convert.

      HAHHAHAHA! Fat chance but you never know. I’m terrified that either of them will get in.

    5. It’s my observation that many people support Trump because they’re heartily sick and tired of that big happy family in Washington, both parties, functioning as a giant tapeworm on the body politic.

    6. I agree, however it’s not a legitimate reason to vote for a candidate. Their policies and platform should do that for them.. that’s why I can’t understand the support behind him. He really isn’t saying anything.. and when he does, he contradicts it in some way a week later. Guess we’ll see how it plays out, but given that she has so much support from big money and lobbyists, he may not have a prayer.

    7. I’ve heard an awful lot of candidates say I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that, and then they don’t even try to do it; or else they spring something on us that never got mentioned during the campaign: like George W. Bush did with his push for amnesty. I still wouldn’t have voted for Kerry–but GWB would’ve gotten a few million less votes if he’d ever mentioned what he really had in mind.

      I do fear for the legitimacy of this election. If any Clinton does anything honest and above-board, you may be sure it was done entirely by accident.

  1. Trump has to stay miles away from anything the media can pick apart. He is smart enough not to reveal his hand. Since he has proved he gets things done, and is not simply spewing empty promises, I have confidence he will immediately surround himself with the best available advisors, who will set out to stop the corruption that is killing our country. The other alternative is evil, corrupt, pathological liar, Hillary Clinton. Ugh!

    Since it has been proved that the voting machines are all rigged in favor of Hillary, the globalist puppet, voters should demand a paper ballot and that they be tallied right there in the polling place and not counted by their Diebold cheater. Congress is aware of this fraud, and yet they do nothing. Why? Because the system guarantees that incumbents are reelected even if nobody votes for them. See:

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