‘Honest Hillary’ (Ya Think?)

This guy is a genius. He’s sure to get elected. I mean, he’s funnier than Red Skelton ever was.

Dig the audience reaction when he says–with a straight face, mind you–in reference of Hillary Clinton, “I believe she’s honest.”

Is this one of those new-fashioned political lies–guff that everyone in the world knows is a lie, but you say it anyway and you get away with it?

Remember–if she gets elected and you didn’t vote for Trump, you are her accomplice.

2 comments on “‘Honest Hillary’ (Ya Think?)

  1. As you can probably guess from this outrageous clip, the guy was an idiot when he was the governor too! Even good ol’ Jeb Bush was better. And most people liked Laughton Chiles. I lived there during each of these.

  2. He must study under the tutors of the press corps. It can’t be easy to keep a straight face while uttering such absurdities. Can it?

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