Waddayamean, She Lost???

Image result for man horrifiedI am horrafyed, i am beeside my Self, i jist finded it “out” This moarning and i cant Beleave it!! Oman, i was waching “the” news al Day on Electron Day and thare Was Ratchel Maddow and “all them” others and Thay was al saying how Hillery she was “winning” Big-Big-Big, I meen thay all sayed That!!!

Wel OK i got a litle Exited and My Moth Antenners thay begun to Ich somthing awffle and evry boddy else Thay was all exited too, and then I finded me “a” jim sock and so i Ate it i was Hungery and i gess thare must of “been” somthing funnny Abuot “It” becose neckst thing i know, I am Very High, and affter that the neckst “thing” i know is, Its Satterday moarning and evry boddy hear at Collidge thay are Sad and aslo very, “very” Anggery and than thay teling “me” that Donold trump he won the Lection and Hillery she lost!!!!! i jist cant beleave it.

But My prefesser he sayed it is true, “and bill Airs he is” rihgt says my Prefesser, “iff we did Put 20 Million odrinary dum peple into Consternation Camps” then the rest of Them ijjits thay “wuld” Get the Message and Thay wuld “all” shutt Up and let Us Interllecturals at Collidge run The countrye and Hillery she wuld Be Pressadint and yiu know She “wuld” lissen to Our Advise!!

And My prefesser he Says dont worrie “whe wil think Up a “way” to fix al them” dum and stopid peple thay Who hasnt got The sents to doo waht Us Interllecturals we Tel them “to” doo!

But i am jist terrable upset Today.

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  1. Poor Joe. All your hopes and dreams of a better, brighter, more mothy America are dashed. No wonder you are upset. Why not go sign up for one of those therapy dogs?

    Nananana, Hillary’s going to jail. Hillary’s going to jail.

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