Global Warming, the Lie That Will Not Die

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So now it’s the reindeer. Yup–according to a report by a “global news agency” called AFP, Global Warming’s gonna wipe out all the reindeer ( ).

Now get this. In the same article, they say the poor reindeer are getting smaller and smaller as the Arctic gets warmer and warmer, they are any day now gonna suffer “a catastrophic die-off”–and yet at the same time, reindeer “numbers have increased over the past two decades.”

Neat trick, eh? Starving to death and steadily increasing their numbers at the same time.

And this tragic business is all gonna stop, once we encumber ourselves with a whopping big “carbon tax”? While Kerry and Obama and Gore and the rest of ’em go on living in mansions and zooming all over the world in private jets? Big Government and Big Science are gonna step in and control the natural processes of the earth?

It only takes two words to explain this whole Climate Change business.

Power grab.

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