The Liberals’ Book of Lamentations

Liberals don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t stop them from believing. Left-wing politics is their religion, and it mimics Christianity. It has a Supreme Being: the government. It has priests: the teacher unions. It has sacraments: abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and Sunday nooze shows.

And it has a kind of pseudo-Bible, too, with Darwin in the place of Moses, and major prophets like Marx, John Dewey, Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, etc.

What we are seeing unfold before our eyes is the creation of a liberal Book of Lamentations.

They still can’t believe they lost the election. Open borders, transgender bathrooms, Common Core, globalism, an Attorney General empowered to investigate “Climate Change Denial”–it simply isn’t possible that the American people could have rejected all those blessings!

So now they’ve identified the cause of this calamity. The Russians hacked our voting machines and swung the election to Donald Trump! It never could’ve happened otherwise! And they put out all that fake news about poor Hillary!

Just you watch: this will all go down in liberal history as sacred narrative, rock-solid truth–and this from people who are always babbling about “your truth” and “my truth,” only somehow their truth is always supposed to win. It will all be written down, and passed on to posterity. Their children and grandchildren, the ones that haven’t been aborted, will inherit it. And anyone who questions it had better duck.

It’ll be fun to see what they wind up writing about Anthony Weiner. That ought to be a hoot.

16 comments on “The Liberals’ Book of Lamentations

  1. The whole thing is astounding in its hubris. The liberals can’t understand that there are actually people with a differing opinion and that these people are not stupid simply by virtue of the fact that they disagree.

    1. I’m no liberal and I have no problem with an opinion different than mine. What I can’t understand is how any sound of mine, reasonably educated individual can justify voting for such a hate/violence-inspiring and race-baiting candidacy as Trump ran.

    2. Read your John Dewey. For going on 100 years, liberals have been dedicated to remaking human beings into docile herd animals.
      Read sites set up by members of “human rights” tribunals.
      I once interviewed a Canadian “human rights” official who was interested in somehow acquiring the power to tell people whom they could have as friends–makes interpersonal groups “more diverse,” you see.

      And all that stuff about Trump is just a lot of kak. Nobody had anything bad to say about him until he became a Republican presidential candidate. For our nooze media, that’s all it takes to turn you into a hatemonger, etc.

    3. I concur: yours is a simple answer.

      However, in your simplicity, at least there is honesty in your answer as it doubles as an acknowledgment of Trump’s hate/violence-inspiring and race-baiting campaign.

      Was it these elements of his campaign that inspired you most to vote for him? Or were you more inspired by his embrace of the murderous criminal thug Putin who has built perhaps the largest financial dynasty on the planet off the backs of his people?

      It’s tragically laughable at the hypocrisy and double standards of one claiming to vote for Trump as a counter to the “Clinton crime family.”

    4. Well, ya see, all of us who voted for Trump, we’re racists. Biggits, too. You have penetrated our secret. P.S.–Our cats are racists, too.

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