A Crowning Idiocy

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So the big movie this summer, so far, is Dunkirk–the story of how almost 400,000 defeated Allied soldiers were evacuated from beaches on the English Channel, by small boats, yachts, fishing boats, and every other kind of vessel you can name, rather than let them be killed or captured by the Germans.

To put it bluntly: If those men are left on the beach, the Nazis win World War II.

And if they had been lost there, a feminist jidrool would not be writing reviews complaining about what a bad movie Dunkirk is because there are too many men acting like men in it.

Mehera Bonner, whoever she is (http://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/news/a28515/dunkirk-movie-review/), calls the film a “directorial gift to men,” complains about it being “so clearly designed for men to man-out over,” and finds it “an excuse for men to celebrate maleness.” Like, dude! Pride is for gays and lesbians and trans people, ya know!

I don’t think she likes men much, do you?

Maybe if they had filled the  boats with wise Latinas and trans wimmin waving “Hillary for President” banners, Ms. Bonner would have liked the movie better. That damned history! Telling us that those were all men at Dunkirk, almost all of them white… It shouldn’t be telling us things like that! That story should have been retold, this time to conform with contemporary leftid ideology! With Donald Trump as Hitler, and Rosie O’Donnell instead of Churchill, and Bruce “Call me Caitlyn” Jenner in the White House.

Well, this is what all those men fought and died to protect. Or rather, it’s what they wound up protecting, through no fault of their own.


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  1. The same thing happened in the nineties when Apollo 13 came out and the idiots in the media made a big deal of the fact that there were no women in Mission Control, in spite of the fact that this was historically accurate. Apparently, all these people are capable of seeing are their pet causes.

    1. Well! There should have been! And they should have shown trans people and undocumented immigrants in Mission Control, too!

  2. Men fought in wars. Women stayed home tending families and some were even “Rosie Riveters”. Yes, it’s true there were some women in office jobs and some were nurses – mostly in M.A.S.H. units – but in my recollection there were NONE on battlefields! More idiocy. More history rewrites. UGH!

    1. I can’t think of a more nobble sacrifice of our young men than to spare our sisters, daughters, and mothers the horrors of war. But of course a women’s wellbeing has to be sacrificed for the sake of Marxist equality.

  3. As a female former Air Force officer (Vietnam War), I’m grateful for all the MEN who fought for our Nation, and I’m grateful for having been able to serve in support of them. In fact, I always used to say that although I never got along with Marines personally, I always breathed a sigh of relief when I heard they’d gone in somewhere to fight. War is not for the weak or the tentative, and those boys knew how to fight.

    As an aside, I spent most of my AF career in SAC (Strategic Air Command), and we used to boast that we were the Marines of the Air Force. Funny that I don’t remember anyone boasting about being the most multicultural or intersectional; just that we were the toughest and scariest. “To err is human,” we used to say, “but to forgive is not SAC policy.” We also had other sayings along the same lines that I can’t repeat here.

    And as a further aside, I now have a very good male friend who served as a Marine in Vietnam. I would have called him an “ex-Marine,” but he insists that there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine; a Marine is a Marine forever. Although I feel the same way about my Air Force service, I do throw in the word “former” when I speak about being an AF officer. But it sometimes seems as if I’m still wearing that blue uniform etched on my soul.

    1. My Uncle Ferdie was a Marine in WWII, but he looked so good in his uniform that they made him a chauffeur for an admiral in Puerto Rico.
      Long live SAC!

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