Bunnies in the Snow

Look at this: someone loved his bunnies enough to shovel out a network of paths in the snow, for them to play in. They do seem to be enjoying it.

I’ve been seeing bunny-tracks in the snow by my apartment, but not the bunnies themselves. I wonder where they’re nesting.

2 comments on “Bunnies in the Snow

  1. Adorable! Watching that black bunny running and jumping around made me chuckle. He seemed to be having so much fun! And as you said, Lee, bless the person who shoveled out those bunny trails 🙂

    We have bunny tracks on our back porch. It could be because I leave fresh leaf lettuce out for them on both sides of the porch. And by the way, their little footprints aren’t the only gifts they leave behind after they eat 🙂

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