Welsh Hymn, ‘Hyfrydol’

Hyfrydol has been a favorite of mine ever since Sunday school. There are several sets of English lyrics written for it, but here it is in its original Welsh, sung by the Black Mountain Choir. I don’t understand a single word of it–but I don’t think I have to. The hymn speaks to me anyway! Turn up the volume, and imagine yourself standing somewhere on the mountain in the picture…

10 comments on “Welsh Hymn, ‘Hyfrydol’

  1. Beautiful, Lee. And perfectly timed for what is going on with me right now! I found it in my hymnal, titled “Alleluia! Sing to Jesus.”
    An apparent major disappointment, I think has turned out for the best. All things work for good to those that love Him!

    1. If God gave us everything we asked Him for, when we wanted it, we’d wind up being very, very sorry! I speak from experience.

    2. Lee, I have been out of touch with him for too long. I am working on correcting that and will get back to you when I confirm his phone number. What is the best way to get it to you?

  2. Organs always remind me of church. I was in the church choir as a young girl. Beautiful. Thank you, Lee.

  3. We sing the English words version all the time in our church. It makes everyone feel good and glad they made the effort to be in church service (many in our congregation are elderly, but not me – I’m only 70 🙂

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