‘The Armageddon Factor’ (in Faith For All of Life, 2010): Fake News on Steroids

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King Justin Trudeau, tyrant of Canada

Y’know, I used to be a journalist, and “highly respected journalists” like this clown give the profession a bad name and make me ashamed that I was ever part of it. Canadian “journalist” Marci McDonald’s hatchet job on conservative Christians is about as low as it gets.


What’s changed since I published this eight years ago?

Well, Canada voted out its Conservative Party prime minister and elected Far Left Loony Justin Trudeau… so now they can put you in jail for using the wrong pronoun, and now you have to sign an oath pledging your support for abortion before you can get a summer job–so which side is it, Marci, that “imposes its values” on everybody else?

As if we had to ask!

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  1. WOW! Great review Lee. I wish I could write like that! Just over 50 years ago things like sodomy, abortion, and gay marriage were illegal and considered immoral by the majority of Americans (I can’t speak to Canadians). There is a debate about how some Old Testament laws should or should not be enforced today in a truly Christian country. My thoughts are, God’s law was given by grace for a righteous people. How far a country has strayed from God’s law is the measure of that country’s unrighteousness. It is kind of like John Adams statement about our U.S. Constitution, that is was made only for a religious and moral people.

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