Pure Crapola from the Nooze Media

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So it turns out–according to nooze media motormouth Chuck Todd–that there’s been a vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit our crusading-for-truth nooze media, and we only despise them because Roger Ailes and Fox News tricked us into distrusting the media, and Hillary shoulda been president but we got tricked out of that, too, blah-blah-blah (https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/09/its-time-for-the-press-to-stop-complainingand-to-start-fighting-back/569224/).

Anyhow, blabs Todd, it’s time for the media to “fight back” against “the campaign to destroy the legitimacy of the American news media,” because the “hatred was artificially stoked” (we’re supposed to love them!) by “exploiting the fears of older white people” who are just too ignorant and deplorable to reward the noozies with their due degree of veneration, etc. There’s a limit to how much of this bilge I can read on a hot day. Note they never miss a chance to play the race card.

Anyone who portrays Hillary Clinton as honest doesn’t deserve to be listened to. Not for a minute.

They still cling bitterly, as former President *Batteries Not Included would say, to their core belief that the natural default position of any sane human being is Far Left crazy, and that’s where we’d all be if it weren’t for Fox News and Lex Luthor or some other super-villain tricking us into being conservatives.

Guys, we only loath you because you’re loathsome.

May we live to see them all go out of business.

6 comments on “Pure Crapola from the Nooze Media

  1. I hope they fold sooner rather than later, and especially Todd; one of the most obnoxious creeps I ever saw. He does not even make a stab at being fair, intelligent or anything else respectable. There are a lot of bad ones, but he is about the worst.

  2. I couldn’t stand to watch him for more that a couple of minutes, and then only when others in the room turned him on. Why? I never understood.

  3. UpChuck Todd is among the worst. He will probably be on TV saying how gallant the Dems on the Committee to question Brett Kavanah were today as they were obstructing the business at hand. Their showboating is why people hate politics so much. Kamla Harris complained she received thousands of documents about Kavanah the day before so hasn’t had time to read it all when she has already said she will vote “No!” – what a jidrool.

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