‘Hillary Backers Like Karl Marx for VP’ (2016)

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Are we getting our money’s worth for public education? [Rolls on the floor, laughing hysterically]

Remember this?


Yes, the founder of communism struck these Democrats as a great choice for vice president. The fact that he is dead wouldn’t have stopped him from voting Democrat, so it shouldn’t stop him from holding office, either.

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  1. The one thing that keeps coming to my mind is – just wait until they actually get what they’re clamoring for. Where will their free speech be? Where will their right to protest be – and all the rest of the rights they rail against, using the very rights that allow it. Talk about circular reasoning. My head is spinning.

  2. Karl Marx, the biggest con job in human history. He knew nothing about economics because he lived off of capitalists like Engels. Marx thought the Industrial Revolution was the ultimate achievement – kind of like the guy in the early 1900’s who declared there would be no more patents issued because man had discovered all there was to be discovered. Marx was a terrible father. Richard Wurmbrant wrote a book about Karl Marx being a Satanist.

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