I Has Passed Lifes!!!

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Well! I wented to a lexture last “nihght” and It was al abote Passed Lifes and waht do yiu know,, i has got a hole buntch of Passed Lifes! i was evven Nipolion oncet!! but i had me a evven moar Impotant Passed Life then that!!

I aslo hadded a Passed Life As Hillery Clintin!! O man it dusnt get batter than this!!! No wunder “i” has alyaws feeled sutch “A” Bond whith her!! Like man i “was” rihght thare wen Hillery she was jist a Baby wen she was borned and thay naimed her “after” That Guy who climed MT. Everlast a few yeers layter!!! and I was aslo her wen she gotted maried to Billl Clintin he was Pressadint oncet. i whished i culdof keeped on “being” her but then I got bornded as My Self so i Wasnt Hillery “no more!!””

Now it Makes me wunder iff mayby Hillery she hadded a Passed Life as me!!!!! i bet she did! If only “we” culd get To-gether and talk abuot our Passed Lifes and mayby eat some Nice Jim Sox, sory but i am getting Hungary and somtimes that makes “my” Moth Antenners itch somthing Feerce!! Butt i wil save her a tastee Hankerchiff in case she “Vizzits” our Collidge somday!!!!

P.S. I “think” the wimmin who gived the lexture she mustof been a Angle becose she knowed so mutch “abote” Passed Lifes!!

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  1. TGIF it’s Collige Joe time! Good to know Joe is still in college because if he wasn’t he might be recruited by some jihadist group who promised him virgins in heaven.

    Back in the ’80’s Jeanne Dixon the psychic visited our local community college and our church group handed out pamphlets outside exposing her as a fraud (she claimed she had been Jesus’ mother Mary in a past life). My buddy and I went inside to pray as Dixon spoke. She complained how she was feeling hindered from receiving any prophecies this particular evening. I remember one lady’s question at the end about should she take her airplane trip she was feeling apprehensive about, and Dixon told her to take a later flight – I’m pretty sure that lady did just as she was told. Without the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible as the anchor of our soul, anyone is susceptible to egomaniacs like Jeanne Dixon.

  2. This explains a lot; Joe is the spirit of Hillarys past. 🙂

    Jeanne Dixon, if you could bag her words your lawn would be the greenest in town.

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