One of Our Idiots Is Missing

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Has anybody seen David Hogg lately? The Democrats’ teen idol, at the start of this summer, was all over the place like fruit flies.

It was a prediction you didn’t need a crystal ball to make. Elevated to national prominence with dazzling speed, the teenage nasty became the Dems’ anti-Second Amendment poster boy. And no one, but no one, was allowed to criticize him… ’cause that would make you a bully. Never mind that he mocked and cursed his own parents in front of TV cameras. He was a survivor of the Parkland Shooting! And we all know by now, don’t we, that Anointed Survivors–anointed by liberals, that is–are sacrosanct.

But then, in August, Little Mr. Nastyface started to bite the hand that fed him. He called for age limits on politicians, mocked Grande Dame Nancy Pelosi for being “old,” and lamented that “Older Dems just won’t move the f*** off the plate” (always very hard for him to construct a sentence without the f-bomb: one of his endearing traits) (

In September, sharing a podium with veteran gasbag Michael Moore, the idiot Hogg called upon Canadian citizens to vote for Democrats in America’s elections next month. When it was whispered into his shell-like ear that Canadians can’t vote in our elections, he hit upon the idea of asking Canadians to donate to Democrat candidates. That, too, is illegal. Moore had to take over the microphone before Hogg dug their hole any deeper.

Well, let’s see. Other than being a boorish, ignorant little gitt, for a little while there David Hogg was solid gold. But then he did a Cindy Sheehan–remember Mother Sheehan? When she snapped at the Clintons’ ankles, she, too, became invisible–and that, it seems, was the end of him. Sigh: he coulda been a contender.

Amazing how fast some of these media mahdis come and go…

P.S.–I have been unable to confirm rumors that Groundhog Day is going to be replaced by Hogg-Hog Day: David Hogg comes out from wherever he is and if he drops an f-bomb, we get two more weeks of winter.

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    1. P.S.–What do you want to bet this “threat” is totally self-generated fiction? I mean, just because it **always** seems to turn out that way…

  1. Now that David Hogg has had his 15 minutes of fame, he is being replaced by Beto O’Rourke, as the Hollywood elites throw millions of dollars his way to defeat Ted Cruz. At least Beto is honest about how he will only approve of justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who are politically left through and through.

  2. I remember when Andy Warhol said words to the effect that in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. At the time, I thought it was just attention seeking speech by someone that counted on fame as a way to make a living, but I’ll be burned if he wasn’t right on the money. (He may still have been seeking attention, above all.)

    The young fellow in question somehow became an expert when he was present for a vicious crime. I don’t wish to downplay the horrid event and know that had to be an ordeal to have survived, but that doesn’t make one wise beyond their years nor does it make them an expert, any more than being a a car accident would magically make you an expert on automotive safety.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; just because someone is on TV (or YouTube, etc) does not mean that they are worth watching. The best feature of any TV set is the “Off” button.

    1. It’s a long held feeling. I’m not a Luddite, in fact I work in networking, but I think that television and computers have been allowed to have far too much influence in our lives. A good book, a good movie, even a good sunset are all much better than being zombified in front of a TV set.

  3. Now, you’re talking, Unknowable. A beautiful sunset (of which we have had many lately) is really worth some attention. I marvel at the artistic handiwork of our God. Books- I love them and always have, but TV yuk.

    1. There’s no excuse for TV being as awful as it is. It’s perfectly possible to create high-quality TV shows. I mean, come on–“Columbo”. Then you watch a supposedly award-winning episode of “Law and Order,” and it’s just abysmally bad, almost as if some gifted by perverse genius had made it bad on purpose. Which is my point: I suspect they do it on purpose.

    2. I suspect you are right. Television is not produced to entertain, it’s one and only purpose is to sell advertising. The more effective it is at delivering advertising, the more money the producers make. It’s that simple.

      So . . . if programming is inane, it just so happens that viewers are more susceptible to the psychological pressure of advertising. So, there is an incentive to make programming, simply stated, bad. People watching bad programs are the perfect target of advertising, and advertising is the reason television programming exists.

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