As Rutgers Rots

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Rutgers, New Jersey’s state university–I went there! I’ve got a degree from that place–continues its decay as an educational institution, now offering a three-credit course in “Practicing Social Justice” (

Why has public money been spent to set up a Women’s and Gender Studies Department? What earthly good is that? It’s just like leaving a pile of rotting meat on the sidewalk to attract flies.

So the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept. will be offering this stupid course as part of its stupid degree program. The course will focus on “resistance strategies” and “nonviolent confrontational organizing.” It’s remarkable, how quickly “nonviolent” confrontations can turn violent.  The only thing that keeps these idiots out of the hospital is that normal people aren’t as nasty as they are.

Also available in the Women’s & Gender Shinola degree program is a course in “Marxist Literary Theory.” Can you imagine anything more useless?

The time has come to cut off all public funding to wastes of time and space like Rutgers University. It’s obscene and insulting, to be spending hard-earned tax dollars on inane, silly, and self-destructive nonsense like this.

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  1. Pshaw, the people at Rutgers are pikers, having only Women’s and Gender Studies in the department. My former workplace, Ohio State, has a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department. More specialties = more faculty and staff, more money, and more perks. And here’s the mission statement on the department’s current home page:

    “The Department of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Ohio State University stands fiercely against all forms of bigotry. As educators, we believe the hatred of difference is spurred by ignorance and fear. As activists, we are committed to fighting that ignorance and fear in all parts of our shared society. In the wake of the November 2016 election, we are reinvigorated in these commitments. We welcome all who wish to engage in these difficult conversations, whether on or off campus. See our list of departmental events as well as community activist events for more information and to get involved.”

    Your tax dollars (well, Ohioans’ tax dollars) at work. And these are state employees. Isn’t there something in the Hatch Act about this? I know the Hatch Act applies mostly to federal employees, but wasn’t it once extended to some state employees as well?

  2. The picture says it all. These days, college degrees are all but ubiquitous, but learn to weld and you’ll probably make a better living.

    1. The place I used to work was dripping in advanced degrees. It wasn’t uncommon to meet someone that had an advanced degree and were bitter because they were in a dead end job.

    2. Yes, there’s nothing like a Phi Beta Kappa key and a nice college degree to warm your heart while you’re mopping the floor around the urinals.

    3. One former coworker hated the fact that I had no degree and still headed a department. He lived with his Master’s pinned to his sleeve, but in private he would admit that he was at a dead end and had nothing marketable.

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