‘Oh, Boy! Earn a Degree in Social Justice’ (2016)

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Attention, college students! If it’s a little too much for you, trying to make sense of Feminist Geography, mosey on over to Eastern Kentucky University and try for a degree in Social Justice.


We, the higher education experts of America, won’t stop until every drooling idiot in the Western Hemisphere has a bachelor’s degree in something! No matter how ridiculous, no matter how useless, no matter how non-productive.

‘Cause it sure ain’t non-productive for us, you schnooks!

6 comments on “‘Oh, Boy! Earn a Degree in Social Justice’ (2016)

  1. “Inventing New Things to Complain About”.

    I betcha there are all sorts of people that deserve a PHD in that one. By the way, new rules; if anyone, whatsoever, claims something is offensive, apparently that trumps your First Ammendment rights. 🙂

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