‘A Most Pettable Pet’ (2015)

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A nice, cozy, giant rat the size of a domestic rabbit, sitting on your lap–

Before you run screaming to the sidewalk, give the idea a chance. The Gambian pouched rat does make an affectionate pet: as do our own domestic rats and mice.

A Most Pettable Pet

When I worked at the Ford plant (to pay for college), I learned that parts of that immense factory were home to wild mice. Then I learned the mice were tame: men on their break, finding some place just outside the door, or maybe next to the tool room, liked to sit and cool off, usually with a snack; and there would usually be a tame mouse on hand to keep him company. Everybody fed these mice. In the tool room there lived a cat and a tame mouse. I suppose the cat was there to catch mice; but after seeing the tool room guy feed the mouse a hundred times, the cat surely decided his services weren’t necessary and he might as well get his share of the snacks.

In the Bible, in prophecy, the lion and the lamb lie down together.

I’ve seen the cat and the mouse lie down (or at least sit up) together, so I know it can be done.

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  1. “Praise God, for giving us animals that we can love and that can love us back. If we had been creating the world, we never would have thought of that.”

    All of these wonderful stories involving animals serve as reminders that in our fallen world, the animal kingdom is not operating under the conditions God intended. Animals are wonderful sources of affection and companionship. Even as I write this, there’s a lovely little feline cuddled next to me, making my morning all the more pleasant by her presence. We’ll see many more wonderful things in the Restitution.

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