Joe Collidge Howls

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I cant beleave it i got bannded on Fryday thay bannded “me” “fromb” Fase Boook!”

It got “to” be a missteak thay are ownly Sposed “to” bann Hatters and Biggits and Wite Spramassists and christins and Repubbicans not us Socile Juststus Wirers!!!!!!!!!! Waht fore did i “get” bannded!?!?

My prefesser he sayed Mike Pents he bohughted Faise Boook and ordrered themb “to” bann Progresso Thuohght and thare is aslo Rihght Whing Medea Buyas tooo!!! Whoo is Mike Pents anyway?? but my prefesser he dint Know he “think” probbly Mike Pents oans Suedan and is a biliounair!!

Haow can “I” “get” “un-bannded”?”

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  1. Are we ever going to find out what got Joe banned? For that matter, did you ever find out what got that one post of yours banned?

    This could make a fascinating online game: “Guess Why This Was Banned by Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.” Or the answer, if you could find it out, would make great clickbait. Trouble is, the game and the clickbait would probably be banned. Oh, well.

    1. I don’t know why they banned it, and I very much doubt that Facebook would ever tell me. They’re not much for explaining their censorship decisions.

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