Bell Mountain Movie Contest on Life Support

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Last call for this contest! Just name four actors to play four characters in the Bell Mountain movie–which will be made as soon as somebody scrapes up $200 million for it–and win an autographed certificate by the author of these immortal literary works (that would be me) praising your wisdom, perspicacity, and good taste.

I’ll do just about anything to gin up readership. And this blog has been sucking wind since Daylight Saving went into effect.

The first few days of the movie contest were wild and enjoyable; but the fact is, only half a dozen of you ever entered it. What kind of contest is that? I wanted to keep it going until The Temptation (No. 11 in the series) was published. I thought that was going to happen any day now… but my intuition hasn’t been sinking many foul shots lately, has it?

“But Lee–maybe that movie contest just didn’t interest all that many people. Who ever told you that you had great potential as a contest impresario?”

Look, I’ll let it run for the rest of this week and then close it out and try to come up with something better. Or better prizes. An all-expense-paid trip to Lintum Forest, maybe. Or dinner with Lord Reesh. It’s a bit too soon to start another comment contest, but I’m open to suggestions.

A contest to think up a new kind of contest? Whose silly idea is that!

17 comments on “Bell Mountain Movie Contest on Life Support

  1. Since I have a few more choices, I will share them with you…

    Roshay and Vannett Bault – Toby Stephens and his wife Anna-Louise Plowman, respectively… I thought casting a real couple would be nice…

    Andy Serkis as Hesket the Tinker… Hesket only appears briefly, but I think Andy Serkis would be a good famous guest actor…

    And I thought that Ted Levine would look nice as The Thunder King… yeah, I know I chose a different person for the Thunder King already, but I like to think big…

    Hope you like these other ideas!

  2. Ok here goes,Ashrof =Peter Capaldi(Dr Who)
    Martic = David Tennant (Dr Who)
    Wyatt = Rufus (Kim Possible)
    Van = Mark Harm0n (NCIS)

  3. Hesket the Tinker – David A. R. White (God’s Not Dead)

    Ryons/Fnaa – Michael Davis (Moon Spinners) (when he was around 12 or 13)

    I hope you like these!

    1. I don’t know those actors–most of the movies I watch are old ones.
      Somehow Hesket the Tinker, really kind of a minor character, has grabbed several readers’ imaginations. Now I feel bad for allowing Wytt to kill him off.

    2. Yea, most modern movies are pretty bad. But there are a lot of Christian movies being made nowadays. David A. R. White is a well-known Christian actor and producer.

    3. Hmm… Michael Davis is a black guy who looks to be at least three times as old as Ryons or Fnaa could possibly be. Couldn’t find a picture of him at 12 or 13.

      Oh, well, the characters do age as the series goes on…

    4. Maybe it’s a different actor your looking at. The one I’m talking about is in a movie called “Moon Spinners” from the late 60’s. He’s a little boy in it.

    1. As of now, there are still only seven readers who have entered. I was going to let it run until “The Temptation” came out, which is still supposed to happen any day now.

      A contest that only seven people enter can’t be called a success. I’ll provide certificates to the few of you who played. I don’t expect more entries.

      Now watch–suddenly 50 entries will pour in, and I’ll have to go back to awarding a book to one winner instead of certificates to seven.

      I hate to disappoint my blog audience! Which this month has been shrinking, alas. If you’ve got any ideas to pump things up around here.,.. that’s me, listening.

  4. I’ve done this multiple times, but as I was working on my project, a few more faces popped into my brain…

    Joe Pesci (Harry the short robber from Home Alone) as Bort the Collector.

    Daniel Stern (Marv the tall robber from Home Alone) as Bort’s sidekick, Tumm.

    Rowan Atkinson (the dim-witted Mr. Bean from Mr. Bean) as Latt Squint-eye… speaking of ugly people…

    1. Oh, no, not Mr. Bean as Latt! (But I do like Joe Pesci as Bort.) Latt is supposed to be formidable, scary, dangerous. Mr. Bean is none of those things, unless he’s trying to do something **for** you. Mr. Bean as your doctor, that would be dangerous!

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