Kerry: Climate Indulgences For Sale!

Hide your gas stoves, here he comes!

They’re coming for your gas stove, and next will be your air conditioning; and the fat cats who take them away from you will be flying to Davos in private jets, each creating a (LOL) “carbon footprint” bigger than your whole household could’ve done in a hundred years.

But! says former presidential wannabe, former secretary of state, current two-faced shyster John Kerry, We have to allow them that much hypocrisy because God bless ’em (not that there really is a God, us libs know better than that!) their three-chambered cold-blooded hearts are in the right place! (

Quick, I need a barf bag.

Yes, they need those private jets so they can keep on tirelessly working to Save The Planet and Fix The Climate. Meanwhile, one of those jets traveled only 13 miles (!) to get to Davos.

And besides! As Kerry points out, they “buy offsets” which allow them private jets and limos to their hearts’ content. An “offset” is a kind of indulgence: only you don’t buy time off from Purgatory. You buy the right to pollute the **** out of the environment while continuing to virtue-signal  as you sit down to a platter of Kobe beef. (Enron, thou art mighty yet! “Carbon credits,” anyone?)

If there were no hypocrisy, there would be no John Kerry. There would be no globalist hoedowns in Davos. The man is living proof that we do indeed live in a fallen world.

‘The Modern Selling of Indulgences’

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Andrea Schwartz, Chalcedon’s resident homeschooling analyst, has likened today’s college admissions scandal to the old, corrupt practice of “indulgences” sold by the Church to get the buyer out of being punished for his sins.

In either case, you got what you wanted–as long as you could pay for it. So kids who have no business being in college can go to the top prestige schools in the land, once their parents ante up.

“It is wrong to feed the godless propaganda machine that the university has become,” Andrea says. To which I would add, not only wrong, but actively dangerous to the health and survival of our nation.