‘Feed the Kiddies Like Mrs. O Says, or Else’ (2016)

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Bon appetite!

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when the president’s freakin’ wife, whom no one voted for, who is accountable to no one, got to decide what millions and millions of kids in public schools could have or not have for lunch.

Feed the Kiddies Like Mrs. O Says, or Else

Want those days to come again?

Next election, just refrain from voting Republican.

By and by, they won’t be satisfied with controlling what your kids can eat. They’ll tell you what to eat!

3 comments on “‘Feed the Kiddies Like Mrs. O Says, or Else’ (2016)

  1. The idea of school provided lunches was to insure that school children got at least one good meal per day. When I was in grade school, the lunches were nothing special, for the most part, but they made for a satisfying meal. From what I had heard, the Mrs. O lunches left kids all but famished. Seems like the program lost track of its purpose.

  2. I think Mrs. O-no meant what does she want to feed the kids to. She got a really big kickback from a notorious food company that provides a little bad food to a lot of good kids. She made sure of that. I read an article years back where she was followed to a restaurant, just after her ‘feed the children WHAT?!!’ speech and was seen eating a $500 lunch of steak, lobster, and wine – with friends and on our dime. Members of Congress run for office to live the high life, also on our dime. Democratic members run for the presidency to live even higher, off our austerity.

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