Here Comes the Internet Censor!

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But in Britain they don’t have a First Amendment…

Well, the UK is preparing to anoint an “internet czar” to rein in the social media, promote “internet safety,” whatever that is, and prevent “online harms,” whatever they are (

Yessir, they’re gonna set up a “regulator” who will have the power to shut down any sites on the internet where they find any of the following: 1) inciting violence and spreading violent content; 2) encouraging self-harm or suicide (Are you listening, Netflix?); 3) spread of “disinformation and fake news,” whatever that may be; 4)cyber-bullying; 5) children accessing “inappropriate material” (eye-of-the-beholder alert); and 6) child exploitation and abuse content.

To some, “violence” is defined as any failure to agree with their Far Left delusions. To governments, and especially to Democrats, “fake news” is anything they don’t want you to know about, or anything that makes them look bad: but if it’s aimed at Donald Trump, no problem. As for “inappropriate material,” grade school libraries are full of fornication-celebrating “young readers” books.

Do you trust politicians to decide what you can or can’t say on the Internet?

I’d love to hear Brett Kavanaugh’s take on some of this.


17 comments on “Here Comes the Internet Censor!

  1. Some of those things could be responsible, but some of them are open to interpretation. I certainly wouldn’t trust the government to tell the difference.

    1. I have a low opinion on the state of entertainment in general. Seldom of it is edifying anymore, it’s just mindless entertainment that teach poor values. The entertainment industry takes a lot of responsibility for the coarsening of society.

    1. We’d all be shut down, under those “rules” proposed in the People’s Republic of Britain. Only LGBT and socialist blogs permitted.

    2. It’s another word for a sea cucumber. It’s a term used by a character in The Adventure of Tintin comic series, Captain Haddock, when he calls the bad guys names. He uses some other ridiculous names, but I won’t reproduce them here.

  2. Our 1st Amendment freedom of speech is a good reason for everyone in the world wanting to move here. How foolish for the Left, who used to be liberals who fought for free speech and expression, to be for censorship to any ideas they disagree with. How far they have fallen for the deceptions of the evil one.

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