Moar Grate idears fromb Collidge!!

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Collidge is jist So grate, this hear Is “the” plaice for Grate Idears!

Yeasterday we hadded “a” Stodent Soviet meting and we de-sided to has New Eye Contack Ragulasions!!! See, If yiu “dose” too mutch Eye Contack, “it is” Sexural Harasssmint! Butt iff yiu dont do no Eye Contack “at” alll, then that it is “a” Microa Grecian!!! And ether whay yiu whind Up in Censativvitty Traning!!! Unlest yiu are in the Stodent Soviet,, than yiu “are” Exumpted!!!

Butt we has got Somthing evven beter then That!!! Our Cheef Comasar she is Goingto Run four Pressadint!!!!! She is been In Collidge sinst 1991 so she is reely Smart!!!!! Neckst yeer she whil probbly get her Batchler’s Deegree in Wimmins Introspectionul Ginder Studdies! So she whil be reddy to Be Pressadint,, she evin Looks like Hillery!

Jist nhow She belangs to the Socilist Workers Peeples Jutstus Vegan Party butt she whil seak the nombinacion fromb the Demmocrats thare isnt no diffrints anymoar and aslo now the rest “of” us we al got To “join” i hoap i can fined some Munny becose yiu “has” to pay Dooze!!

Wel we pased themb Eye Contack ragulacions the voat “it was” Unaminase Exept for this one stupid “doap” he voated Aginst It so we hadded to kick him “offf” “the” “Stodent Soviet” and aslo we busted his bysickle!!! that is waht hapens wen yiu Go Aginst Diversatty!!

5 comments on “Moar Grate idears fromb Collidge!!

  1. Ah, Joe’s Soviet has finally passed the regulations about eye contact. To see or not to see, that is the question — or the catch-22. I like the last bit about “bust[ing the stupid doap’s] bysickle.” So progressive, so inclusive. So true (alas) to life on today’s campuses.

  2. Aye con-tact is a tricky thang. Two much en yiu “R” in trouble, but to little and you “R” in trouble. The problem is obviously with the “I’s”. The rool should bee that ever-1 haz to ware son-glazzes all the time. I’m not as interlectural as Joe, but I did drive past a collidge 1-nce, and I’m sorta edjumacated.

  3. I would never qualify for Joe’s club. I am big on looking people in the eyes when communicating. Well, maybe as much as Jethro Gibbs on “NCIS,” but in a natural way that says I am really listening to what you have to say. As Dr. M. Scott Peck teaches, true love is careful listening.

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