My Newswithviews Column, July 11 (‘Shut Up, They Explained’)

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If you can’t make fun of this, what can you make fun of?

Anyone who makes fun of members of Congress online should go to jail, according to Florida Democrat waste of space Frederica Wilson.

Shut Up, They Explained

In Britain you can’t write a screenplay in which the villain belongs to any Cherished Minority group. In America you can’t even write a script with animal villains without being sued.

I’m beginning to suspect they don’t want us saying anything. Unless we’re leftids or mere babbling jidrools like Ms. Wilson.

Did I just make fun of her?

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 11 (‘Shut Up, They Explained’)

  1. The tragedy here is not what is going on (see above), it is the fact that AMERICANS and the citizens of OTHER WESTERN COUNTRIESare not only PERMITTING IT TO GO ON but “OBEYING” these idiotic (and tyrannous) protocols.

    Until we wake up and strike back, we’re on a one-way road to extinction.

  2. What puzzles me is the fact that these people don’t seem to realize that they are abridging their own rights. What if they lose the next election and want to criticize their successor? The quality of reasoning behind such political statements is of a very low order.

    1. These people believe that the deck is stacked for their victory. They don’t see the “electoral process” as we do. That’s why they refuse to accept Donald Trump, a result of the electoral process. Soon, between the invasion of useful idiots as a voting block, voter and election fraud and a compliant court system, none of the things you mention will matter at all. Nikita Kruschev (sp?) was right back in the ’50s. America WILL become communist without a shot being fired.

  3. Did you feel better after writing this column? I felt better after reading it. No one can rein in the Information Revolution that is taking place in the 21st century. The truth will win out as soon as the mystical body of Christ works in unity so Jesus Christ can be revealed to the world as King & Lord.

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