‘This Just In (Some Very Hot News Flashes)’ (2015)

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When I wrote this, I was still coming to grips with the idea that it’s The Narrative that matters in Journalism, not the facts. As you will see from the following examples, I came very close to mastering The New Journalism.

This Just In (Some Very Hot News Flashes)

“How did you do that, Lee?”

I just made it all up!

I’ll be getting job offers from the networks any day now.

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  1. Edsel Volt, I just read his autobiography. What a long, strange trip he has been on since he ingested a huge amount of LSD when in high school. He says he has flashbacks so real he has to run to bed and hide under the covers. But it is under the bed covers that he gets his ideas for movies that don’t make sense on purpose. P.T Barnum is his idol.

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