My Newswithviews Column, July 11 (‘Shut Up, They Explained’)

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If you can’t make fun of this, what can you make fun of?

Anyone who makes fun of members of Congress online should go to jail, according to Florida Democrat waste of space Frederica Wilson.

Shut Up, They Explained

In Britain you can’t write a screenplay in which the villain belongs to any Cherished Minority group. In America you can’t even write a script with animal villains without being sued.

I’m beginning to suspect they don’t want us saying anything. Unless we’re leftids or mere babbling jidrools like Ms. Wilson.

Did I just make fun of her?

A Totally Frivolous Lawsuit

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Some years ago, screenwriter Anthony Horowitz complained that he couldn’t write thrillers anymore because no matter what kind of villain he put in the script, some pressure group was bound to complain. Like, very loudly.

And here’s an example that proves his point. Big-time.

In 2013–I missed it at the time–a “hyena biologist” sued Disney Corp for “defaming” hyenas by making them villains in its 1994 cartoon movie, The Lion King. Also the film’s depiction of hyenas revealed an “anti-immigrant” agenda and everybody at Disney’s a fascist and they hate Minorities…

Did the judge jail this idiot’s lawyer for contempt of court, for wasting the court’s time with such a load of twaddle? I haven’t been able to find a follow-up story. I think the judge would have been justified in pulling out a gun and shooting him.

Crikey, I didn’t know hyenas even had a pressure group.